Our History

About 30 years ago, The Mail Room of Newport Beach was opened in Fashion Island by Sue Manrow offering practically an identical menu of services as it has today.

The thing that really set the Mail Room of Newport Beach apart from similar stores (and still does) was its incredible service and friendly family atmosphere. Often bringing her young daughter into work or her yellow lab, Sierra, Sue created a homey environment while still maintaining a professional attitude.

Not to mention the incredible staff that’s honestly, more like family!

Anne has been working at the Mail Room for about 23 years. She is warm, gentle, and intensely selfless when it comes to her friends and customers. She’s also one of our notaries.

Larry joined the team about 18 years ago. Not only does he treat every customer like his best friend, he IS every customer’s best friend. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and truly loves his job.

The Mail Room became a place for people to get work done, but still feel comfortable, welcome, and warm.

Almost 10 years ago, The Mail Room of Newport Beach moved across the street to Design Plaza. The location is tighter, but has inspired us to get creative! And we love that!

Now, Sue’s daughter is all grown up and married (she still helps at Christmas time) and the yellow lab that you sometimes see hanging out in the store is Tucker. But, ultimately, we’re the same little business we were 30 years ago.